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Goals and Plans for Key Club 2015-2016 Term: 

1. Increase Membership and Involvement

  • Currently, we have a very large club of over 200 Key Club members which we would like to maintain and increase membership.
  • The previous Key Club Co-Presidents (Carly & Ashley) plan to schedule 1 to 3 events per weekend to keep Key Club members involved and to encourage others to join.
  • Key Club goal is to plan unique, out-of-the-ordinary events this year such as Color Runs and other themed races as they appeal to the members by showing them the fun side of volunteering.

2. Do Projects Concerning Governor Shane's Key Goes Green Project 

  • Key Goes Green, aims to raise awareness about the environment and to increase Key Club’s involvement with nature which is part of 2015-2016 Florida District Governor’s Project.
  • Boca Raton Community Garden, is a project we’re very excited about which involves the purchase of a garden bed within the Boca Raton Community Garden which we intend to plant vegetables and to harvest them and to serve them at Boca Helping Hands.  This project contributes to the Key Goes Green cause and helps to serve the community as well.
  • Other Key Goes Green themed projects we plan to schedule are a Beach Clean-Up and any other events in the community that tie in with the Key Goes Green environment cause.

3. Start a Builder's Club at a Local Middle School  

  • Through the past two years that Key Club has been involved with the different levels of projects within Kiwanis Club of Boca Raton they discovered that many of the middle schools in the Boca Raton area do not have a Builder’s Club which is a Kiwanis program for middle school.   Key Club made it our goal to start a Builder’s Club at a local middle school during our term.  By achieving this, we encourage middle schoolers to start their involvement in the Kiwanis family early which will help them to be more informed and to hopefully encourage them to join the Key Club family when they get into high school.

2015-2016 Key Club Members: Minami Guido, Carly Berthiaume, Yuria Utsumi
2015-2016 Key Club Members: Minami Guido, Carly Berthiaume, Yuria Utsumi

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